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  • Annual American Functional Medicine Association
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AFMA Membership Fee and Benefits:

Graduate Level Membership: $249

Masters Level Membership: $200

Resident Membership: $75

Student Membership: $50

Lifetime Membership: $1500

Corporate Membership:$1,000

Membership Benefits:

Becoming a member of AFMA gives you unparalleled access to industry-leading experts, research and resources. AFMA is committed to continually improving and expanding the benefits of your membership. We are pleased to announce these exclusive member benefits?tools to help your practice reach its full potential

  • A personalized certificate of good standing with the AFMA upon joining
    Monthly electronic journal with breaking news on functional

    • 10% Discounts on conference and certification registrations
    • 30% Discount on conference recordings
    • 10% Discounts on educational materials
  • Free directory listing on AFMAssociation.com, including:
    • Name and contact information
    • Contact form that is directly emailed to physician-provided address
    • Free referrals for patients looking for doctors in their area
  • Free AFMA webinars with faculty members
  • Special email discount promos for AFMA for members only

Corporate Membership: Fee: $1,000

  • Bold & highlighted listing on our website
  • Link to company website
  • Framed membership certificate
  • One webinar to our client base

For more information on AFMA Membership please Call 1-855-500-AFMA (2362) or email contactus@AFMAssociation.com.

Download Membership Application ? AFMA Membership Form


Please fax your AFMA application, medical license and CV to 678-443-4029

Online Registration:

AFMA Associate Membership: Bachelors and Masters Level
1 year, $200

AFMA Membership: Physicians &
Pharmacists – 1 year, $249

AFMA Membership: Corporate
– 1 Year, $1000

Students/Resident Membership: $50



Please contact Audra Curry, Marketing and Membership Coordinator, to arrange for your group discount. ACurry@AFMAssociation.com, 1-855-500-AFMA (2362).

5 plus members 10% discount $224.10 per member per year
10 plus members 15% discount $211.65 per member per year
15 plus members 20% discount $199.22 per member per year